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“ Iron sharpens iron….”.Proverbs 27:17

Know your circle. Know the people you allow to speak into your life. Know the people you allow to enter the windows of your mind and the doors of your heart. Your circle of company should sharpen your intellect, cultivate your character, and strengthen your aspirations. Bad company doesn’t produce good outcomes. And negative company doesn’t provide a positive outlook. Jesus had a true inner circle of disciples, Peter, James and John, who brought value to the mission of Christ and their own earthly mission. Although Jesus was surround by crowds of people, He kept His inner circle small and sensible. We all travel in circles. We have friends, family members, colleagues, roommates, business partners and the sort, who travel in our circles. But make sure you choose your circle wisely. Never make the mistake of traveling with a circle that is just going in circles. Surround yourself with people whose presence cast shadow on your potential, purpose and calling. Never ride with people who are never going anywhere. Never walk with people who are never willing to run the distance to accomplish anything. Protect your space. Only allow people in your space who value the principle of reciprocity. Keep company with people who help to improve your abilities, promote your dreams and sharpen your intelligence. Never hide from the circles who offer you positive feedback and constructive criticism. Find the right circles and soar. Eagles keep you flying upward, while pigeons keep you looking downward. Know your circle, because only iron can sharpen iron. Reflection question: Who is in your circle?

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