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“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Any true love is worth some quality time together. If you love God, there should be seasons where you aim to spend some quality time with Him. I call it receptive solitude, not loneliness or isolation. Receptive solitude is just another way to describe sacred and holy time with God. Receptive solitude is the willingness and actuality of one withdrawing from a busy world to a remote place to develop quality centering, perception and understanding of God and the human self. It is the deep contentment of one who speaks, listens and watches from the tranquil center of his or her solitude. It is here that you dwell with a solitude of heart, mind, body and soul unto God. It is here where you detach yourself from outside influences to develop the sensitivity that helps you to listen to God. It is the place for deep communion, questioning and answering, confession and thanksgiving. It is the solitude of human and holy togetherness. In this solitude we can become aware of a presence of him who embraces and offers us the freedom to experience Him and express to Him, all because he loved us first. Reflection Question: When was the last time you went away with God?

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