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“…We must work the works of him that sent us…”John 9:4

Not all things in life will be handed to you. Regardless of the favor and grace upon your life, some things just require hard work. Perhaps you have dreams, ideas or goals in mind that you wish to accomplish. None of these things will unfold if you approach it with a lackadaisical attitude. You should apply effort and energy, along with faith in God. The bible declares in James 2:20 that, “that faith without works is dead.” Basically, if you expect God to move for you, God expects you to move for “you” also! Prayer accompanied with laziness will get you no where. Holy expectation without human participation creates nothing but a vapor Enthusiasm without perseverance is like a runner standing still. Hard work pays off. It creates a great learning experience. It helps one to tap into their potential. It can yield a favorable return on your investment. And, it ensures good success to any project. If you work hard, then you’ll have plenty of time to play hard – relaxation and/or a good vacation. Really? Yes, because your season hard labor is the very thing that gives rise to your season of easy rest. Work hard! Then, you can play even harder! Reflection Question:Do you believe that work should accompany your faith in God?

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